Level 4 Diploma in Computing


Level 4 Diploma in Computing is equivalent to Year 1 of a 3 year UK honours degree.

The diploma equips you with fundamental skills and knowledge in computing, preparing you for further study or enhancing your professional development and employability within the IT industry. The programme is equivalent to the first year of an IT degree programme in the UK university system.

Entry Requirements

  • NCC Education International Foundation Year (IFY) or International Certificate in Computer Studies (ICCS)(Level 3 qualification.
  • An international qualification which is deemed to be of a similar level to the NCC Education IFY or ICCS programme. This must be agreed with NCC Education in advance.
  • At least one A’ Level pass or an appropriate School Leaver’s Certificate.
  • Mature students need to demonstrate over two years’ relevant work experience and also hold O’ level/GCSE ,KCSE C Plain and Above or equivalent.


  • Skills for Computing – provides the essential skills for a computing student (including study, presentation, report-writing and data handling skills). Not only will this unit prepare you for successful outcomes in your studies, but it will also provide you with skills that can be applied in the workplace.
  •  Computer Networks – networking and communication skills are vitally important in today’s connected world. In this unit you will develop a good understanding of basic theory, and also develop useful practical skills.
  • Computer Systems – supports the development of practical skills in the configuration, maintenance, fault-finding and trouble-shooting of modern computer systems and develops knowledge of computer architecture.
  •  Designing and Developing a Website – develops practical skills in website design by providing a detailed understanding of markup languages, style sheets, design techniques and testing.
  •  Databases – provides thorough training in practical techniques of the design and development of database systems together with developing a sound understanding of the underpinning theory.
  •  Designing and Developing Object-Oriented Computer Programs – provides a thorough introduction to computer programming using Java.
  •  Software Development Techniques – addresses the wider issues of software development together with a language-independent survey of useful data structures and algorithms.
  •  Office Solutions Development – develops practical skills in the automation of common office applications to support a variety of tasks.


All units are assessed by both examination and coursework assignments.


Held two times a year – January and July.

Academic Progression

The qualification allows students entry to the NCC Education Level 5 (Advanced) Diploma in Computing, which is equivalent to the second year of a UK Bachelor’s degree.

Code Course Duration
CS712-SC Skills for Computing 1 Year
CS712-CN Computer Networks 1 Year
CS712-CS Computer Systems 1 Year
CS712-DDW Designing and Developing a Website 1 Year
CS712-DB Databases 1 Year
CS712-OOC Designing and Developing Object-Oriented Computer Programs 1 Year
CS712-SDT Software Development Techniques 1 Year
CS712-OSD Office Solutions Development 1 Year
Start date Time Duration Location
January 6, 2020 Day 12 Months Nairobi
January 6, 2020 Day 12 Months Mombasa
January 6, 2020 Evening 12 Months Nairobi
January 6, 2020 Evening 12 Months Mombasa