Asset Tag

Features like an unlimited number of assets and multiple forms of depreciation, helps you control your assets easily, affordably and reliably.

The different methods of depreciation include straight line, reducing balance, immediate
write-off, units of usage, plant & machinery, and equal allowance.
Other key features include:

  • Tracking an unlimited number of fixed assets by cost centers or departments.
  • Group multiple assets into one asset. For example, you can treat five identical desks as a single asset. You can split these at
    any stage into lesser or individual desks.
  • Use master and sub assets to add improvements to existing assets and track them together. This is especially
    useful for computers, where for example you can add additional memory to an existing computer.
  • Multiple Asset Types
  • Capex Budgets and Orders.
  • Import asset serial numbers and receive a comparison reconciliation report displaying both matched and unmatched
  • Impairment Cost Movement.
  • Asset Consolidation Listing Report.

Note: Fixed Assets can be used in conjunction with the core Sage Evolution application or can be purchased as a stand-alone